Monday, January 4, 2021

The Greg Wakeham Hair Cut Challenge

Haircut fashion has always been at the fore front of social, cultural, and political trends.  As a world in desperate need for union and cohesion, the GW is the answer.  It helps bridge gaps from millennials to Boomers,  Right to Left, Bald to Bushy, Packers to Bears and so on..  

And like all trends, some need a little help getting off the ground, so prize money has been established and sponsorship opportunities are available:

The Greg Wakeham Hair Cut specifications & Incentives

Looking down, The entire top of the head with the exception of a 1/2” border is shaven.  

The sides of the head should be cut to no less than a #3.

The GW must be maintained for a period of 14 days.  

Prize Money for those who get and keep the GW for a period of 14 days and wear the Challenger T-shirt earn the following*:

1st Place: $100.00 
2nd Place $50.00
3rd Place $20.00
4th Place $5.00
Prize money leaders listed below

*Greg Wakeham's Instagram or Facebook will act as the official time stamp of beginning and ending.  Challenger will get a T-shirt after their first cut.  Notice of first cut to be posted on Greg Wakeham’s Facebook or Instagram page with the # tag “The Greg Wakeham Cut Challenger” 

Score Board:


Cooper S. is a young Packer fan while I like the Bears and am old.
With his new GW cut, we now have something in common.
See you 2 weeks!




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